Safety – one of the things we value the most. It is very important to us that our Customers feel safe and comfortable. This is why drivers we hire are people we fully trust. Each of them has thousands of miles covered by various vehicles so we can assure you maximum safety.


Party Driving

Party Driving

Going to a party? Refusing all the drinks just because you came by car? Don’t worry – we have a solution.

Party driving by Go4Drive is the fastest and safest way to have your car transported to wherever you wish (in the Kraków area and neighboring districts). All it takes for our Driver to pick you and your car up is just one call or one short form on our website to complete.

Wedding driver

Wedding driver

Wedding Day is one of the most beautiful moments of our lives. There’s no doubt that on this special day everything has to be buttoned up.

Our Drivers will do everything so you and your Guests feel comfortable and safe during the transfer from i.a. church, registry office, restaurant or to a photo session. We offer various fully-equipped high-class vehicles.

Our Drivers are never late and present high personal culture.

We can assure you that with our help this special day will be pleasant and stress-free.

Private driver

Private driver

If for any reason you can’t or just don’t want to drive – we are here for you. Our company offers Private Drivers. After previous arrangements, our driver will show up where requested and becomes your private driver so you can relax as a passenger. You don’t have to worry about safety – our team consists only of exquisite, trained and experienced drivers. If this is something of your interest – we kindly invite you to contact us via our website or helpline.

We will create an individual offer to suit your needs.

Airport transfers

Airport transfers

Business trip? Vacation? We will be more than happy to transport you to the airport, as well as from the airport to wherever you wish. With us you don’t have to worry about an uncomfortable transfer or being late for a plane. Our Drivers plan departures early enough to avoid traffic and other unfavorable driving situations. We offer transfers from/to Kraków and following airports: Kraków-Balice, Katowice-Pyrzowice, Wrocław-Strachowice, Rzeszów-Jasionka and all the airports in Warsaw.

Alcohol delivery

Alcohol delivery

No matter if it is a casual meeting with friends or a mad house-party – when the last bottle of your favorite alcohol becomes empty, the fun is over. Don’t panic – we are a perfect solution for this problem. Non-trade days or a party located far away from the closest store won’t stop us from delivering you the alcohol you need. We are for you 24/7 – all it takes is just one call or a short form on our website to complete.

Ocassional services

Ocassional services

One of the most annoying problems during organized tours is a busy schedule. No one likes exploring an interesting place in rush or spending too much time listening to the guide talking about something we find boring. Having struggled with such a problem many times, we decided to create a perfect solution – a private driver who will take you and your group to and from many popular places such as: Tyniec, Ojców National Park, Wadowice, Niepołomice, Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Jasna Góra Monastery (Częstochowa), Zakopane and many more.

We kindly invite you to contact us in order to create an individual schedule and the tour route.

Express courier services

Express courier services

Urgent delivery to the other side of the country. Have you ever struggled with such a problem? Yes, we know the feeling. Endless waiting on the line of messengers companies and stressing if your package is going to be delivered on time  – it’s in the past now. We are here to make your life easier – we offer express courier services. Our Driver will come to pick up your package and will deliver it to anywhere in Poland in less than 24 hours!

Private chauffeur

Private chauffeur

You’re faced a dilemma how to get to work, a meeting or any other significant place? You value comfort and safety during the trip? Go4Drive and its private chauffeur service is what you’re looking for. We ensure complete professionalism, discretion and full adjustment to the highest expectations of our Clients. Our Drivers have a wide experience in driving various cars. We have many fully-equipped high-class vehicles so we can meet your needs. We provide this service for a few hours, a whole day or for long period.

Concierge servies

Concierge servies

We truly believe that for many of us the day can be just too short to finalize everything we planned. We decided to become the best solution for this kind of problem as well. Car washing, change of tires and vehicle service are just a few examples of what we can do for you. Our Driver will come to pick up your car from wherever you wish and after having accomplished the order, will bring it back to you.


Our vision:

Our goal is to deliver premium high-quality transfer services and to meet even the highest expectations of our Clients. Our offer is dedicated to private individuals and companies as well. Innovation and adjustment to our Clients’ needs make us the best possible choice.

What we focus on

Safety is our main priority. This is why our Drivers are systematically trained and examined. The quality of our services is on the highest possible level. Each Client is very important to us and each case is approached individually so you can feel comfortable. We believe that it’s the only way to create a strong and long-term link with our Clients. Our motto “safely, comfortably, individually” is what we are guided by.

Who we are

Go4Drive combines innovative transfer services with professional approach to the Client. We believe that having many duties and responsibilities, every minute is worth its weight in gold. We are here to make your life easier. We are Go4Drive.

Price list

Event handling

Complex tailor – made service

which includes:

Party driving

Transport by busses

private driver

Concierge services

Complex tailor – made service

which includes:

car transportation to/from service

transportation to car wash

alcohol delivery

Party Driving

first 3 km – 25

next km – 3,50/km

trip out of town – 15

first 10 min. layover – gratis

next 10 min. layover – 7

unrealized service – 25


Kraków – Auschwitz – from 150

Kraków – Wieliczka – from 130

Kraków – Zakopane – from 300

Kraków – Częstochowa – from 300

Ojcowski Park Narodowy – from 100

Airport transfers

Kraków – Balice – from 65

Kraków – Pyrzowice – from 240

Kraków – Wrocław – from 600

Kraków – Warszawa – from 600

In order to determine prices to individual services please contact + 48 570 892 080

Prices are gross PLN

Nasz zespół

Jestem współzałożycielem i autorem projektu Go4Drive. Pomysł przyszedł naturalnie - jestem wielkim pasjonatem motoryzacji i zarażam tym wszystkich, jak tylko mogę. Właśnie dlatego pragnę wprowadzić nasze usługi na polski rynek. Bezpieczeństwo i najwyższy komfort jazdy - to dla mnie dwie najistotniejsze wartości, którymi kieruję się podczas każdego kursu.”
Mam na imię Tomasz i jestem całkowicie zakochany w jeździe samochodem. Po mieście, po drogach szybkiego ruchu, po autostradach – uwielbiam każdą trasę. Jestem typowym introwertykiem, dlatego podróżując ze mną możecie Państwo być pewni spokojnej i bezpiecznej jazdy w pełnym skupieniu.
Motoryzacja i podróże od zawsze była moją pasją. Praca w Go4Drive jest więc dla mnie idealnym połączeniem, którego obowiązki spełniam z wielką pasją. Jestem sumienny i odpowiedzialny, dlatego ze spokojem możecie Państwo powierzyć mi swój czas.
Spokojny i opanowany, z zawodu geodeta, z zamiłowania motomaniak. W przerwach od pracy miłośnik sportów siłowych. Do zobaczenia 🙂


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